Office Window Tinting

It is almost mandatory in an office environment to mentally keep cool. Office window tinting is the answer for it. This investment is way cheaper than buying and maintaining an air conditioning unit or HVAC systems.
Highly effective and often overlooked, office tinting in helps your work environment stay cool and your staff calm. We all know calm and relaxed workers make better decisions, decisions that affect your business. Office window tinting is a smart move for controlling the budget and the heat of the office.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is the ever-increasing concern of both building owners and business managers. With staff comfort and productivity in mind, the need to control the working environment of the building is a never ending adjustment of the climate control system or HVAC.

We can provide you with professional advice, accurate energy modelling and proven measurable results. Our commercial window tinting options are second to none.

Decorative Films

Frosted and translucent films are popular in both residential and commercial applications. It is often used to provide privacy without blocking out too much light.

Office Window Tinting Installation

For peace of mind and guaranteed results, all our installers are experienced technicians are trained under the supervision of a Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ) accredited operator and within the guidelines and standards as dictated by the WFAANZ. As expected, only Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) accredited operators can provide a nationally recognized WERS certificate.

We also supply 3M security film to help protect your business against break-ins. Security film for windows is a smart way to prevent robberies which can have a devastating effect on your workplace.

Our technicians are trained in access equipment, have Working with Children Clearances and OH&S construction industry white cards for specific installations. Making your office window tinting a seamless exercise. We will abide by Worksafe guidelines and not put our staff or yours at risk.


Why choose to have window film installed


Today window film is extremely efficient at controlling the effects of solar energy.
Window film can provide up to 78% as compared to untreated glass


Window films block 99% of harmful UV rays, providing a barrier of protection while reducing heat.
Minimise fading and protect those loved valuables from perishing.


Accidents, vandalism and environmental effects can instantly become a hazard.
Window film can become a ” Safety Net” by holding shattered glass together.
Block 99% UV Rays
Decrease heat 78%

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