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Residential Window Tinting Solar control films have no low Carbon emission and in fact are one of the few products that save more energy when applied that it takes to manufacture the product, saving you money and the planet at the same time! Our Solar Control window films are proven to be one of the most safe and environmentally friendly in the field of home window tinting
Windows can be responsible for up to 30% of a homes heat gain or loss. By controlling the amount of heat and light allowed to pass through the glass you could minimize this dramatically, window film is easy and it inexpensively improves the comfort of your home, and it looks great too.

Solar Film

Nothing adds life to your home more than great natural light, but it’s also possible to have too much of a good thing. With natural sunlight comes unwanted heat and hotspots, which can really affect your overall comfort and make for a less inviting atmosphere. House window tinting is critical for the reduction of fading inside your residence. With furniture, flooring and drapes all subject to damage to due to exposure of direct sunlight, it can be prevented by solar control films. And it has never been so safe or affordable!

Key Benefits

  • Low visible reflectivity provides uncompromising views to the outside
  • Maintains the natural appearance of the exterior
  • High heat rejection saves on cooling costs and improves indoor comfort
  • UV blockers protect people and property from damaging UV rays

“Carbon Negative”

Solar control window film is one of the very few products that will save more carbon emissions “by reducing power consumption “that it takes to produce it. It looks good, assists with climate control and is now proven to be environmentally friendly.

Window Films

With thousands of architectural solar control window films available, it is a mine field for the consumer. With that in mind you can fairly well break all those window films it to three categories, reflective, non-reflective and neutral or as we prefer to call them (after great designs in architecture) Ionic, Doric and Corinthian.

Ultra Violet

Protection from harmful UV rays is another benefit of window film, good news for those concerned about sun exposure and melanomas. Single pane window glass blocks less than 25% of UV rays that damage the skin and fade furniture, carpets and curtains; while modern films can block as much as 99% of UV rays.

Why choose to have window film installed:


Today window film is extremely efficient at controlling the effects of solar energy.
Window film can provide up to 78% as compared to untreated glass
Block 99% UV Rays
Decrease heat 78%


Window films block 99% of harmful UV rays, providing a barrier of protection while reducing heat.
Minimise fading and protect those loved valuables from perishing.


Accidents, vandalism and environmental effects can instantly become a hazard.
Window film can become a ” Safety Net” by holding shattered glass together.

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